Call of Duty 2




Play 2nd World War as if you really were there


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Call of Duty 2’s campaign will put you in the shoes of a few different soldiers fighting for different Allied factions.

You start off as a private in the Russian army and after that we will play several rols, for most of these missions you’ll be fighting in the sand-swept deserts of North Africa alongside the Desert Rats against Field Marshal Rommel’s troops. The final mission in the British campaign sends you to the bombed-out houses and hedgerows of Caen, France. And finally you’ll play as an American doing a D-Day landing, but not on Omaha Beach, you’ll be scaling the sheer cliffs of Pointe du Hoc as artillery with the Army Rangers.try rock climbing with artillery and machine-gun fire raining down on you. Simply great.

This time playing according to our partners is going to be a must if we want to survive. Massive amounts of infantry can populate the battlefield and they will be both partners and enemies.

With a new graphic engine, we soon realise the high quailty details of a game that fight for the throne of war games.

In this demo version you will play 2 levels.